Girls Gymnastics

Girls' recreational classes emphasize proper training techniques on bars, beams, vault and floor exercises. Exercise and conditioning are key at all levels to promote core strength and muscle coordination. Classes are designed to motivate your children in a fun environment with an emphasis on safety. Parents are welcome to watch their children progress through their training from our parent viewing area.

Girls Level 1

Girls Level 1 Program is for ages 5 and older who are in the beginner stages of gymnastics training. The girls will learn basic gymnastics skills on floor, bars, vault, beam, and trampoline.

Skills learned in Level 1 include:

  • Cartwheel On Floor
  • Front Support and Cast on Bars
  • Arabesque on Balance Beam
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Girls Level 2

Girls Level 2 Program is for ages 5 and older who are in the intermediate stages of gymnastics. Gymnasts will continue to progress at their own pace. Skills will be taught on all Olympic events as well as trampoline. Before enrolling in a Level 2 class, the gymnast must pass the Level 1 program or be evaluated by one of our coaches.

Skills learned in Level 2 include:

  • Handstand Front Roll
  • Pivot Turn and Tuck Jump on Beam
  • Handstand Fall Flat Back on Vault
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Girls Level 3

Girls Level 3 Program is for ages 5 and older who are in the more advanced stages of gymnastics training and have completed our Level 2 curriculum.

Skills learned in Level 3 include:

  • Back Bend and Round Off on Floor
  • Back Hip Circle on Bars
  • Back Handspring on Trampoline
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